Handicap Run

On the first Monday of the month we have a 5 Mile Handicap Run. Everybody starts at different times based on past performance and in theory everybody should finish at the same time.


50 points is awareded to the first place, 49 to second and so on. Scoring is based on your score (best 4 out of a possible 6). The person with the most points for the season wins the seasons winners trophy.


The start list is emailed the week before the next run and available on the night. The results are emailed out shortly after each event, although the winner of each round is announced on the night.


There is a winter route based on the regular “5 mile” route with a planned summer route out in the countryside.


Winter Series  – October to March – Road Route

Summer Series – April to September – Off Road Route


Dates for each event are usually the first Monday in each month, but please check the events calendar for confirmation and the Tadley Runners Facebook Page for date alterations.



Results for seasons are as follows;


Winter 2014/2015 (Current Series Starts 6th October 2014)

Summer Handicap 2014 (Final)


Winners Table


A list of seasons winners and points are listed below;



Season Winner 2nd Place
3rd Place
Summer 2014 Karen Grinsted (194 Points) John Woods (191 Points) John Cornwall (177 Points)
Winter 2013-14 Mike Grinsted (200 Points) Teresa Robbins (196 Points) Karen Grinsted (184 Points)
Summer 2013 Steve McAvoy (186 Points) Paul Courtney (179 Points)  Sharon Riley (177 Points)
Winter 2012-13 Paul Courtney (191 Points) Mike Grinsted (183 Points) Pete Godfrey (182 Points)
Summer 2012 Susanne Enhard (193 Points) Madeleine Grant-Jones (190 Points) Paul Courtney (178 Points)

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